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Book Presentation - Action

Stanislawski - Theaterarbeit nach System.

Kritische Studien zu einer Legende  von Karin Jansen

Wiss.-historisches Fachbuch Berlin, Wien, New York 1995   -  timeless up to date


 Stanislawski - Theater- arbeit nach System von Karin JansenStanislawski - Theater- arbeit nach System von Karin Jansen  This textbook shows the development as well as the fundamentals of the "system", the methods of drama pedagogy of the director, actor and creativity researcher Konstantin S. Stanislawski, both scientifically founded and clearly described.

The right book especially for those who are interested in history as well as social and political changes. More information here.

Available via  über amazon  oder eurobuch.
The book is currently available in German only.

Now for 29,95 €











Applied Philosophy

Platon und Aristoteles, aus der Freske Schule von Athen, von Raffael, Foto C. MayPlaton und Aristoteles, aus der Freske Schule von Athen, von Raffael, Foto C. May


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Applied Philosophy

can be described as a collective term for the various areas of application of philosophical knowledge and methods in social and cultural life. In contrast to classical philosophy, she does not only discuss questions about being in the world. It is geared directly to the self-knowledge and action of man, that is to the life practice, the art of living.

With ethics, i. e. with maxims of life, which are derived from the responsibility towards others and the environment, applied philosophy is inseparably connected. Examples are the


medical ethics     *      environmental ethics       *     animal ethics      *     business ethics     *      ethic  personality.

Different ethics, even if repeatedly suppressed and fought, have become firmly rooted in the various cultures of mankind for millennia. Their teachings are summarized in philosophies as well as in religions and also form the basis for state constitutions and for the declaration of universal human rights of 1948.


Socrates  (ca. 470 - 399 v. Chr.)  Aus der Freske Schule von Athen, Sokrates mit Zuhörern, von Raffael, Foto C. MayAus der Freske Schule von Athen, Sokrates mit Zuhörern, von Raffael, Foto C. May

The occidental philosophies  shape our understanding in Western culture of the virtues of wisdom, justice, courage and prudence, whether for the individual or for the state. The quest for a just society, realized in a democratic constitutional state, is a cultural heritage from Western antiquity. The systematic analysis and reflection of facts as well as the ethical evaluation of our thoughts and actions are among their foundations.
Socrates and Diotima have left us in addition to the Maieutics or midwifery one still current method of self-knowledge through the dialogue called Socratic dialogue, which is also used here in staph.
 The Far Eastern philosophies  exemplify how we can use applied philosophy daily for our physical and mental well-being. They are holistic philosophies that also make the wisdom of the body practically tangible. They are no less systematic, but less rational than Western philosophy.
They offer valuable methods for the training of intuition and physical-mental energy work for modern personality training, thus a sensitized, expanded perception based on the handling and the experience with feelings and sensory impressions. That's what makes them so popular and popular with many people in the Western Hemisphere. Virtue and life teachings are other areas of their millennia-old traditions.
Indigenous traditions  teach us to recognize and appreciate our natural environment beyond our everyday levels of experience. As the oldest known spiritual traditions of humanity, they are strongly associated with the natural elements of life, with the manifold natural manifestations of life on earth, and provide connection to the spiritual spheres.
Ancient spiritual practices from shamanism offer impressive imaginary approaches to our inmost, to the power of our intuition. They open the door to the microcosm and macrocosm of life. As a philosophy largely suppressed by the modern age, shamanic practices experience a rival in the Wetsren World thanks to their attractiveness of their cultural expressiveness in connection with a new inter-religious understanding here.
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